Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: What Will You Live For?

New promo!

From Watch With Kristin:

How is my man Kevin McKidd on Grey's?

Kristin: hoa, whoa, whoa. You mean my man Kevin McKidd? I have loved him since before Caesar Augustus died in Rome in freaking something or other B.C., OK? So back off, mama! Ahem, anyway? He is awesome. He is actually my most favoritest part of the Grey's premiere and leaves me so weak-kneed and apparently weak-tongued that I can't even use proper grammar. (Help!)

I think you will adore the interaction between "Major Hottie" (McKidd) and Cristina. He plays a no-BS Army doctor who is so raw and tough and dirty and...Don't make me go on 'cause my husband may be reading, but suffice to say that if he were to return later in the season, you would have good reason to watch and rewatch every episode of this series. [One caveat and a plea to Shonda Rhimes: Make that Major Hottie shave his newfound facial hair. Stat!]

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