Wednesday, July 16, 2008

USA Today: Who will Emmy make happy?

The Emmy nominations will be out tomorrow and this is what USA Today predicts:

Some years, you almost have to feel sorry for the people who pick the Emmy nominees. What are they to make of this season, with its stops and starts and strike-induced divisions?

Some shows vanished in winter, and others returned for a reduced spring run in far different -- and usually worse -- shape than they had been in the fall. Just keeping track of what aired when and how is a full-time job.

The goal is to help besieged voters make sense of a sense-deprived season and to help all of us see a better slate of nominees come July 17.

As always, the focus is on series, because that's where the most interest and toughest choices reside. But I do have a fast cheat-sheet for movies and miniseries: Skip HBO's overhyped John Adams, nominate anyone you can from PBS' Cranford, and if you don't nominate Phylicia Rashad, Audra McDonald and Sean Combs from ABC's A Raisin in the Sun, don't bother holding the awards.

Now pick up your pencils, voters, and follow along:

Supporting actress, drama

Sandra Oh Grey's Anatomy

Chandra Wilson Grey's Anatomy

Lisa Edelstein House

Yunjin Kim Lost

Sonja Sohn The Wire

This is your last chance, people, to honor Sohn for her work in The Wire; don't miss it. Otherwise in this category, there's an abundance of possible choices from Grey's and Lost, not to mention Maria Doyle Kennedy from Showtime's The Tudors or January Jones and Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Oh, and if it took that cheerleader outfit to get voters to finally notice Edelstein, then three cheers for short skirts.
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