Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sundance: Sandra Oh, Marcia Gay Harden Talk Judging Movies

One of the really interesting things that came up during the conference was the question of whether there might be a bias qgainst mainstream films among the jury. This is a film festival after all. The jury could automatically favor a low budget film over a more mainstream, bigger budgeted film because gaining exposure for smaller independent movies is a big part of the foundation of the festival.

While some of the jurors said that they are basing their decision on the quality of the movie and not the budget or how commercial the film is, Sandra Oh was more up front about her feelings, questioning why it would be wrong to promote films that are lower budget.

She said, “We want to promote the best film possible. I think that’s a given here but, I mean come on! Do we really need to support the next MI-6? No.”. It should also be noted that in addition to being refreshingly up front about her opinions on the issue of supporting low budget films, Sandra has fantastic hair.

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