Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sundance: Oh Says Grey's Season In Critical Condition

PARK CITY, Utah -- Sandra Oh is playing down hopes that Grey's Anatomy's season can be salvaged.

This week, the Director's Guild of America made a peace pact with Hollywood's studios, leading many to speculate it could spark a resolution to the three-month-old writers strike that has crippled the television season.

But the Canadian actress, at Sundance this year as a festival juror, is more cautious than optimistic.

"The longer we're out, the less chance we have of completing the season," she tells Sun Media.

"I don't know the (DGA) deal. I don't necessarily think the DGA and the WGA have the same needs ... But everyone wants to go back to work. I was out on the line the other day and the writers are really, really suffering."

And even if Hollywood's scribes resolve their walkout, that doesn't mean the industry's actors won't still strike over the same issues when their contract expires in June.

"The DGA membership is less than 5,000. There are over 150,000 Screen Actors Guild members," Oh says. "Their needs cannot be the same, especially on new media. Actors live on residuals."

So while Oh and everyone else in La-La Land waits for an end to the labour strife, she's just thrilled to focus on seeing -- and supporting -- Sundance's latest crop of independent fare. "Why not champion films that don't have a giant budget? Do we need to support the next M:I 6? I'm not here for that."

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