Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Star Tribune: Stalking Sandra, Part III

Oh, that Sandra is really getting around the Twin Cities

By C.J., Star Tribune

Sandra Oh has been navigating the Twin Cities as though her escort is from these parts.

Thanks to e-mailers and others, I've been able to confirm the movement of the "Grey's Anatomy" star to places such as St. Paul's 128 Cafe and Muffeletta. Sunday's column reported confirmed sightings of Oh dining at Chambers, a celebrity hot spot, and checking out exhibits at the world famous Walker Art Center. At the art museum, Oh was observed in the company of a "scruffy blond gentleman," according to Carissa Wyant of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and FOX9. After Wyant's sighting, I learned that Oh was dating Andrew Featherston, drummer for the indie band The Hereafter. Featherston, who reportedly graduated Wayzata High in 1996, was "Junior Royalty" along with Suzanne Lothrop, in the 1994-95 yearbook.

Wyant and another source who saw Oh at 128 Cafe both identified Featherston as being in Oh's company, after checking out photos on the Internet.

Jennifer Knoch of RADAR, a virtual concierge service, was at 128 Cafe with her husband of 11 years, Tim Pearson, on Thursday.

"The 128 Cafe is a favorite restaurant of ours. It was our first date and it reopened recently," Knoch said. "We were walking in, hanging up our coats, milling around where some people walked in, and [one] was Sandra. She was really comfortable, warmly greeting the rest of her party, fairly outgoing to the rest of her group, animated and noticeable, but not for the attention of the locals."

At Muffuletta, meanwhile, staffers confirm that Oh was there for lunch on Friday.

Reader Kathy Rossi e-mailed what she described as an "embellished" version of seeing Oh at Muffuletta. I replied that I'd appreciate an unembellished account.

"I respect that you are fact-based. This is how it happened," Rossi wrote. "My good friend Natalie and I went to lunch to celebrate out mutual Dec. 24 birthday at Muffuletta on Como Avenue in St. Paul." Kathy and Natalie were waiting in line behind a party of four. "Not paying much attention to the group until ... one of the females took off her sunglasses. Natalie and I looked at each other as we recognized the face but certainly didn't put two and two together. We looked at her face and observed her mannerisms. At that moment we confirmed between the two of us it was Sandra Oh."

After kitchen staffers, wait staffers and other diners persisted with "polite rubbernecking," Rossi said that "helped confirm our thoughts."

Source: Star
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