Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Grey's Sucked... But Sandra Was Good

Cinema Blend names the Top 5 TV Disappointments Of 2007. Grey's Anatomy was one of them.

Grey’s actually started out decent in 2007. George deals with some family drama as his dad undergoes surgery, Meredith and Derek are actually semi-happy, Cristina and Burke are on the rocks but the drama there is good and Izzie decides what to do with the inheritance check she got from Denny. Then the dreaded ferry accident happened and everything went to hell. Meredith nearly died, lingered in some limbo area talking to dead people for an episode then came back. Izzie and George had that ridiculous affair that dragged on through the fourth season. We got a whole lot more of the Der-Mer flip-flopping and some wedding drama. The only thing that even came close to redeeming the third season was Sandra Oh’s phenomenal performance at the end of the finale. Season four picked it up a bit but overall, I’m still not convinced that Grey’s is back to what it was in the two seasons.

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