Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Emmy's 2007: Shades of 'Grey' for ABC's hospital gal pals

By Stuart Levine

The ladies of "Grey's Anatomy" dominate the supporting actress in a drama category, and it'd be far from a stretch to say at least two of those women -- Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh -- rose to high dramatics last season.

Heigl's Izzy Stevens began the year dealing with the death of husband-to-be Denny Duquette by baking muffins and ended it by having an affair with married man and best friend George O'Malley.

Oh endured a tumultuous seasonlong relationship and was left standing at the alter as Isiah Washington's Dr. Burke said goodbye to her, seeing her trepidation at spending a life together.

Also on "Grey's," but in a much more subdued -- though by no means less well-executed -- role, was nominee Chandra Wilson, whose classy Dr. Bailey, try as she might, aims to lessen the hysteria that always seems to permeate the halls of Seattle Grace.

Sandra OH

Show: "Grey's Anatomy"
Emmy pedigree: Two noms
Best scene: As Meredith lay near death at Seattle Grace Hospital ("Some Kind of Miracle") after falling into the water, a determined and teary-eyed Christine stands over her best friend and, brimming with emotion, tells Meredith she can't die because, then, who would she share all her stories with?
Why she may win: This being her third nomination for "Grey's," it's obvious voters are enamored of her work. At some point, all those noms should translate to a win, right?
Maybe not: Tough to say if having three "Grey's" nominees in this category hurts or helps their individual chances, but a split vote among the actresses is a distinct possibility.

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