Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Actor Robert Wuhl On Sandra Oh

Excerpt from a recent interview with actor Robert Wuhl who was one of Sandra Oh's co-stars on the HBO series Arli$$.

ANDELMAN: Are you very political?


ANDELMAN: You’re not.

WUHL: No. But I believe in voting for your friends in anything, whether it’s the Oscars, the President, your high school buddy running for junior class president. Why not vote for your friends?

ANDELMAN: Another actress who you started with or started with you, Sandra Oh, of course now a very big star on “Grey’s Anatomy” and made a name for herself though first as your secretary on “Arli$.” She won the Academy Award, of course. How much credit can you take for her success?

WUHL: She did not win.

ANDELMAN: Did she not win?

WUHL: No, no.

ANDELMAN: My apology. She was nominated.

WUHL: No, she wasn’t.

ANDELMAN: She wasn’t even nominated?


ANDELMAN: She deserved it. Anyway, I’m embarrassed. How much credit, nonetheless, can you take for her success?

WUHL: I gave her a job.

ANDELMAN: There you go.

WUHL: I just gave her a job.

ANDELMAN: It all came from there.

WUHL: Well, I had seen her work. I had seen her do a movie called Double Happiness from Toronto, where she’s from, and I thought she was really good in that. The part came down to two actresses. It came down to her and a girl named Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls).

ANDELMAN: Oh, really?

WUHL: Yes, and either one would have been great. I just took a flyer on Sandra, and I’m not surprised at all at the huge success of both of them.

ANDELMAN: Very different actresses.

WUHL: They’re both terrific. I mean, those are two terrific actresses.

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