Thursday, June 7, 2007

Variety Predicts

Variety predicts who will get an Emmy consideration:


Candice Bergen, "Boston Legal": Veteran actresses resonate with older voters, and Bergen's legacy should play particularly well with the anti-"Grey's" crowd. Plus, "Legal" is always a kudos draw.

Katherine Heigl, "Grey's Anatomy": The way Heigl seemed to take over the show at times this season, it could have been retitled "Izzie's Anatomy." Showrunner Shonda Rhimes has given Heigl the biggest speeches on "Grey's" ever since her would-be husband Denny checked in, and it only remains to be seen if voters find her character too schizophrenic.

Sandra Oh, "Grey's Anatomy": Nominated for Emmys as Christina Yang two years running, Oh can only be slowed by the rising profiles of her co-stars. Her character never seems to lose its grounding.

Kate Walsh, "Grey's Anatomy": Good enough to have a spinoff centered around her, but not good enough for an Emmy nom? Voters might rectify that, honoring how Walsh turned a short-term villain into a long-term heroine.

Chandra Wilson, "Grey's Anatomy": As with Walsh, showing a softer side seems to have helped Wilson, giving her an Emmy nom last year and a SAG Awards win this year. Wilson has been left out the show's romantic connect-the-dots, which could reduce her stature in voters' eyes -- or make her their savior.

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