Thursday, May 17, 2007

ABC Party Patrol

The stars were generally seen and not heard at the ABC Upfront party held at Lincoln Center. For the most part the famous folk stayed behind the velvet ropes where partygoers lined up to get their photos snapped with their favorite players. Few left their stations to mingle with the commoners. The exceptions: Ugly Betty's Rebecca Romijn and Michael Urie, who bolted into the crowd to catch up with Alias' Victor Garber, who embraced them with big hugs.

Lost's Terry O'Quinn also headed into the main area, snaking through the crowd, to catch Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh on their way out. When Oh saw O'Quinn, she flashed a huge smile, perhaps her first genuine one of the night. For the most part the Grey's cast seemed less than enthused to be there.

Even the Desperate Housewives girls smiled and chatted with fans, though they were the first stars to exit. Among new shows, Private Practice garnered most of the attention. The recently engaged Kate Walsh, who coincidentally was wearing a white dress, snuck out a back door as soon as her photo session was over. — Reporting by Ali Gazan

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