Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sandra Oh saves the day

SANDRA OH played it Oh-so-cool when she went to market! The "Grey's Anatomy" doc was strolling the aisles of a San Fernando Valley store when a woman behind her suddenly screamed: "Someone help me, my baby can't breathe!" Sandra turned and saw the woman's little boy choking on a piece of candy he'd swallowed the wrong way. Instantly, she grabbed the child, turned him upside down, pounded his back and...PTOO-EE!...out popped the candy. As the kid sobbed and caught his breath, the grateful mom thanked Sandra - who was still in medical scrubs she'd been wearing when she left the set. Apparently thinking a reallife medic had saved her tyke's life, the woman hugged the unrecognized star and cried, "Thank you, doctor...and thank God you were here!"

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