Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fun Behind The Scenes Tidbits From The Cast Of Grey's

Glamour recently asked the cast of Grey's Anatomy to spill a few "secrets" about each other, and this is what they said about Sandra Oh:

Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers and Chandra Wilson
at Grey's wrap party in 2011.

Who is the cast member that takes their work the most seriously?

Chandra Wilson: Sandra Oh. She puts little post-it notes all throughout her script, and I take them and move them all around! It pisses her off! [Laughs] 
James Pickens, Jr.: I think Sandra Oh is probably one of the most dedicated actresses. I wish I had her work ethic. And Chandra drives Sandra crazy with her post-its! She’s done it since day one. Drives her crazy! 
Kevin McKidd: The obvious answer is Sandra Oh. She has notes all over her scripts, and then Chandra rearranges them! Drives her crazy!
The cast member you socialize with most outside of work:

Chandra Wilson: Probably Sandra Oh. 
Justin Chambers: Of the original ones, T.R. [Knight], Katie [Heigl], plus Sandra Oh. Ellen [Pompeo]. [...] You work with these people for so long, they do sort of become like family. 
Sara Ramirez: Sandra [Oh].

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