Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cristina & Meredith - Up All Night To Get Lucky In The 200th

TV Guide was on the set of Grey's Anatomy during the celebration of the 200th episode where they interviewed the cast for their upcoming issue, and here's a recap of the relevant bits from the article:

Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo in the 200th episode.

On the 200th episode: The episode takes places at a gala that turns out to be a "hot mess". It's a special episode to reward viewers who've watching from the start. There will be a throwback to the competitive spirit between Cristina and Meredith from the early days, where as interns they were competing for surgeries, this time they will compete over being the top fund-raiser of the gala, in order to get a cut of the cash for their own hospital department. Cristina's method includes "plying the donors with copious amounts of alcohol", while Meredith will be "working the room in a sexy gown". Let the best woman win!

As for the on-off-on-off-on-off again couple Cristina and Owen, they will both be seeing "what else is out there".

The episode airs next Thursday, and you read more about it here.

On Sandra Oh's departure from Grey's: Sandra says that she has been "tremendously" moved by the support she has received from the fans. She didn't know if anyone was going to care, and she also appreciates that people care about the character so much. (Yes, they do.)

Sara Ramirez is sad that Sandra is leaving, and unlike other cast departures, Shonda Rhimes says that this one is different and that she and Sandra "are bonded".

You can check out the full feature here, and also pick up the issue in stores on Friday.

Photo: TV Guide via @lavender_indigo

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