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Cristina/Owen: We Let Them Keep Guessing 'Till They Figure Us Out

UPDATE: Tidbit from THR added.

It's all fun and games until somebody brings up the baby issue.

After a lot of drama, heartbreak and a divorce, Cristina and Owen are a couple again, but the fact still remains that she doesn't want kids and he does, and that is an issue that is yet to be resolved.

Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes discussed the looming baby drama in an interview with TV Line, revealing that we will see Cristina and Owen settle this issue once and for all:

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[Spoiler alert]

TVLINE | When will Cristina and Owen’s lingering baby issue rear its ugly head again – because I know it’s coming.
It is going to come up. I’m so happy right now because they decided not to talk about it. Divorce has sort of freed them from feeling like they have to. It’s going to be complex. There's something very intense about the idea that Cristina is a woman who does not want children. She’s unapologetic about it. She does not want them. And there’s nothing wrong with not wanting children. 
I love babies. If you gave me 40 babies I’d be thrilled. But this idea that if you place a baby in a woman’s arms and she’s going to melt is not true for some people. 
I feel really strongly that we allow this character to be who she is, this woman that does not want children. She’s a surgeon and a scientist first before she is anything else, and Owen has to deal with the fact that he is in love with somebody who is a genius, versus being in love with somebody who wants to have a family. That is going to be a complex thing for them. 
And I’m enjoying watching them deal with not dealing with it at the moment. But yeah, they’re going to have to really talk talk about it and figure it out and struggle to figure out if they can be in love despite the fact that he wants kids and she doesn’t.

UPDATE: Excerpt from Shonda Rhimes' interview with THR where she confirmed that Cristina won't be changing her mind about having a baby and talked about Cristina and Owen moving back to the firehouse:
"I'm very determined that we need to have a character who is unapologetic about not wanting children, who isn't going to suddenly find herself with a baby and suddenly soften up and discover, 'Oh, I wanted babies all along.' For Cristina, having a child would possibly mean a life of depression."

"I wouldn't say that there's hope for them returning to firehouse as a couple because I actually gave the word we could dismantle that set," showrunner Shonda Rhimes tells The Hollywood Reporter. "But they are genuinely happy and their happiness doesn't necessarily mean that they need to be in the firehouse. The firehouse is a place of their past; a lot of painful things happened there."

And as for what the future holds for the couple:

And just as Owen will struggle as chief to keep a handle on Seattle Grace -- with the crash survivors on one side and others, like the outspoken Bailey on the other -- he and Cristina will also continue to find their foothold as a couple, with the baby situation likely to come up again for the beleaguered couple.

"I've never been interested in telling story like a fairy tale," Rhimes warns. "We're not headed to any fairy tale moment. But I do think that this is a couple that is going to struggle to figure out ways to remain in love."

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