Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: The Wedding Planner Has The Word

Even more Cristina/Owen wedding details from Grey's boss and wedding planner Shonda Rhimes who talked about it an interview with TV Guide:


"One of the things I love about the first episode of the season is Cristina and Owen getting married," says Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes, who sat down with me for an exclusive one-on-one interview to discuss her show's seventh season premiere, airing Sept. 23. "It's this beautifully wonderful, happy, hopeful moment that I really liked seeing."

TV Guide Magazine: Owen and Cristina get engaged and married in the season premiere. Why take that huge step instead of building the suspense and anticipation over a few weeks or months?
Rhimes: I felt like for Owen that it became very clear out of that shooting that he loved Cristina Yang and wanted to be with her. That was made incredibly clear for him, so why would they be waiting? It also felt like she, the last person we think of being a bride, really needed a lifeline and was really changed by the experience as well and could really take a leap.

TV Guide Magazine: We have seen Cristina as a bride before — at her beautiful wedding to Dr. Burke that never happened. Is this going to be discussed or an issue blocking their path to happiness?
Rhimes: Cristina doesn't talk about it. Meredith's sort of very worried that she's doing this thing. We had a line, but I'm not sure if it made it in, with Derek saying 'I was the best man at her last wedding.' You do feel like this is a very different wedding. That wedding was all pomp and circumstance with a huge church, tons of people, dresses, lots of flowers, bridesmaids and everything. This is a very simple, elegant wedding.

TV Guide Magazine: Might we see their parents in attendance?
Cristina's mom is who she always was. Let's just put it this way — there's discussion of parents coming.

TV Guide Magazine: Where does it take place?
Rhimes: It's in Meredith's living room. A candlelit evening ceremony with a small group of people and the bride does not wear white. It feels very adult and very much like Cristina.


nancy_Y said...

I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THEIR WEDDING :( Cristina could do so much better.

Silver Sand said...

I love this interview and I'm so happy that it's going to be a Cristina-like wedding.

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