Thursday, October 25, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: 9.04 'I Saw Her Standing There' - Sneak Peek [Update]

UPDATE: Another sneak peek added.

NEW: Cristina has a "sex friend"

Cristina and Meredith:

Aware that Derek might never operate again, Meredith stops talking about the surgeries she's performing. Meanwhile, Richard calls on Dr. Catherine Avery to help him perform a complicated procedure, as things continue to heat up between Jackson and April; and Arizona's struggle to accept her fate forces Callie and Alex to face their guilt, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25 on ABC.

This episode was directed by co-star Kevin McKidd who'll be live tweeting during the airing of the episode, so join Twitter tonight and ask him stuff at @TheRealKMcKidd.

TV Guide has also published an interview with Kevin who talks about the episode and Cristina and Owen (category: same, same but different), so click here if you want to know what he says.
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