Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grey's Anatomy Is Bringing Comedy Back

After all the doom and gloom on Grey's Anatomy lately, it's time for some comedy on the show. Well, for one episode at least. It's all happening in episode 9.04 I Saw Her Standing There which was directed by Kevin McKidd and will air in mid-October. Here's what he had to say about the episode in an interview with Celebuzz:

Kevin McKidd, Sandra Oh and Justin Chambers have a laugh on the set.
“I got given a kind of pretty light fun, one of those kind of light episodes of Grey’s,” said McKidd, 39. “It was fun for me because I usually do the more dramatic stuff so it was really fun to do some pretty far-out comedic storylines. 
I think we need that after the first three episodes. They’ll need kind of a break and a little bit of a light release and that’s what my episode does do quite well hopefully.”
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