Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Cristina Yang In Winter Wonderland

The hiatus is over for the Grey's cast and crew who are currently filming new episodes of the show, and yesterday Sandra Oh was shooting scenes for the season premiere on a snowy set (pictured below). Somebody watched one of the scenes being filmed and wrote about it, so read more below to find out where Cristina Yang ends up in the new season:


grey's anatomy 9.01
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It's pretty funny to see how they turned our Southern California circle drive into a Minnesota circle drive! They sprayed something on the leaves of the trees white and they have rolled up bolts of cotton (sprayed with water) along the curb to make it look like melted snow!

The production assistant has been very sweet and patient with us lookey loos and let me and a few others watch them film a scene with Sandra Oh. I was "this close" to her, LOL.


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