Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sandra Oh in Thorne: Scaredy Cat - Sneak Peeks, Interviews & More

Sandra Oh's British crime drama Thorne: Scaredy Cat airs in the US tomorrow (Wednesday, June 13) at 9 PM on Encore and here are the sneak peeks:

As you can hear, Sandra plays an English cop in the series, and in various interviews she talked about how the accent turned out to be a challenge for her: 

The first day of work was the hardest first day I’ve ever had in my career; I had mental breakdown after mental breakdown. My dialect coach, Jill McCulloch, saved my life, she really did - I got there on a Monday afternoon and then on Tuesday I had a three-hour session with her when I realised that I was in way over my head! I’ve never experienced that [feeling] before where you’re just barrelling towards failure and humiliation. - Source

‘One cab driver thought I was from Australia,’ she says. ‘I was like, no I’m not… but I’m much closer to the accent now.’ - Source

Sandra shot Thorne: Scaredy Cat in London in 2010 during the Grey's hiatus, and here is a collection of Sandra's interviews with the British press where she talks about working on Thorne: Scaredy Cat and discovering London:

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