Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ellen Pompeo Loves Her Some Sandra Oh

Kristin from E! was on the set of Grey's Anatomy a few weeks ago where she interviewed the lovely Ellen Pompeo, who talked about a scene she was filming with Sandra Oh that day (which will air tomorrow next week), as well commenting on what's going on with Cristina and Owen and how much she loves working with Sandra:

ellen pompeo and sandra oh as cristina and meredith in grey's anatomy

What are you shooting today [for the same episode as the crossover]? 
Today I am shooting with the lovely and talented Sandra Oh and she is having problems in her relationship and I'm trying to be the voice of reason and I love me some Sandra Oh. 
Cristina and Owen [Kevin McKidd]: Is there hope? 
I mean, that is a pretty serious situation what happened! And I could very easily see him walking away. Then again, I guess Meredith has a point: Why did he marry her? He knew exactly who she was, but it looks irreparable to me at this point. 
But I do love acting with Sandra Oh. That's my favorite part of the show I'd have to say, well I love Patrick [Dempsey] too, but me and Sandra have something special.

True dat, Ellen! Eight years later, and we know that many of you agree, the friendship between Cristina and Meredith is still the best thing about Grey's Anatomy thanks to Sandra and Ellen's great on-screen chemistry.

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