Friday, March 30, 2012

Sandra Oh & Ellen Pompeo To Participate In 'An Evening With Shonda Rhimes & Friends'

On Monday (April 2) Sandra Oh and co-star Ellen Pompeo will participate in a panel discussion dedicated to Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes and her various television shows. Sandra and Ellen will be there to represent Grey's Anatomy.

The panel will be live streamed at & between 7:30pm - 9:00pm PST. A webcast will also be up on the site for later viewing, so everyone will be able to watch.

sandra oh ellen pompeo panel an evening with shonda rhimes

Other panelists include actors Kate Walsh, Taye Diggs (Sandra's Cake co-star) and Kadee Strickland from Private Practice, as well as Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn and Katie Lowes from Scandal. E!'s Kristin Dos Santos will be moderating the panel.

Unfortunately, the event isn't open to the general public.
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