Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cristina/Owen: A Message From Grey's Boss On Things To Come

A word from Grey's boss Shonda Rhimes to all the Cristina/Owen fans out there about what's coming up for your favourite couple this season:

[Spoiler Alert]

@twistdbutterfly: I really hope you haven't forgotten that Cristina and Owen have fans..we know we exist,right? 
@shondarhimes: I DO know you exist. I'm very glad you exist. I'm thrilled you exist. Because I'm also a Cristina/Owen fan. I'm obsessed with those characters. So I'm going to tell you all something: What is coming next WILL BE DIFFICULT. And PAINFUL. And very VERY ADULT. Many of you won't like it while it is happening. Many of you will shout at your TVs while it is happening. But I think some of you will recognize your own marriages in Cristina/Owen. And I think it is going to be amazing for these two characters and ultimately bring extraordinary growth. Also, the vent room is coming back.

And remember dear peeps, expect some great acting from both Sandra Oh and co-star Kevin McKidd in upcoming episodes.
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