Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cristina/Owen: Fun, Hot Stuff And A Braid

Last week Sandra Oh talked to E! Online about tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy and Cristina Yang wearing braid for the occasion. Now it's Kevin McKidd's turn, who talks cryptically about what's coming up for Cristina and Owen later on, and what you need to know about Cristina's braid in tonight's episode, because it's all in the details, folks.

Watch Kevin talk about that in the video below (below the cut):

"Not just sex. Hot, dirty, stand-on-my-head sex."

This is what Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) is hoping for with her on-screen squeeze Owen (Kevin McKidd) in tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy.

We were on set for the filming, and can tell you the episode does not disappoint. Perhaps because Kevin McKidd is so good at contorting himself into at least two very different positions…

What, did you think we were talking about some other kind of "positions," you perv?! (Well, there'll be plenty of that too, as Cristina and Owen embark on a sexathon that lands them in a few inappropriate settings, including a conference room, much to the chief's dismay.)

Our camera crews were invited to set to chat up Grey's hair, makeup and wardrobe specialists for a special behind-the-scenes segment airing on E! News. The girls also gave us some romance scoop (which we shared last week), and Kevin had this to say about where things are headed with Cristina: "It's going to get more interesting. I think the waters have settled a little bit, but you never know when the wind can change and the water can get rough again."


Thanks to Gead for the heads up.
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