Friday, April 1, 2011

Here Come The Brides

A tidbit from Sandra Oh on an upcoming wedding on Grey's Anatomy between another couple:

Co-star Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina Yang and is among the wedding guests with Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd)and Chief Richard Weber (James Pickens Jr.) feels the “Calzona” wedding will make it easier for society as a whole to accept gay marriage.

“We see two characters getting married and you know and love them,” Oh said. “The more we see the characters and the people that we really love and respect expressing their story lines, however that unfolds, I think the easier it is for a society at whole or who ever is watching to metabolize relationships. These are characters you hang out with every week. You know them, you see them and good golly, after you see the musical episode and what they go through, why would you not want them to get married?”



Emma said...

In the Netherlands, where I live, gay marriage is legal, and generally accepted by society. I agree with Sandra Oh though, that for countries where that is not the case, a popular lesbian couple, like Callie and Arizona, getting married, could have an impact on changing people's attitude. Wouldn't it be great if a tv show could contribute to making people more tolerant?

kalyanavaran matrimony said...
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