Friday, April 1, 2011

Grey's Writers: Shonda Rhimes On 7.18 'Song Beneath The Song'

In the latest blog post from the writers of Grey's Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes goes into detail about how last night's musical episode got made. Here is a little excerpt where she mentions Sandra Oh:

And suddenly, I knew what the musical episode should be about.

So I started begging people. I begged the studio people. I begged the network people. I took these people to dinner and begged. I jumped out at these people in bathrooms and begged. And they all smiled politely but what they were clearly really thinking was, “This woman is an idiot.”

So I did the only thing I could think of. I got Tony Phelan (one of our writers, as you know, but also a great big musical theatre geek like me only he has real musical theatre talent) to help me. I also got Chandra and Sara and Kevin to help me. And then I dragged all of the studio and network executives in to work on a Saturday. Sandra Oh showed up to be our cheerleader. There was an amazing band. And in front of the studio and network execs (who are all very nice and very smart but clearly thought I might be a Grade A Idiot), we threw a great big concert. I pitched my idea and Chandra and Kevin and Sara sang. And God came out of their mouths. And the studio and the network stopped thinking I was an idiot and they said yes.

Seven and a half years. One hundred and forty-four episodes.

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