Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heated Moments

More from Kevin McKidd on Cristina and Owen this season:

Last week, Owen became responsible for picking the new chief resident, the job his wife, Cristina (Sandra Oh), wants. “It’s definitely going to lead to some heated moments between the two of them.”

That’s just the beginning.

“Cristina and Owen have been in a happy place for a time, and we need trouble for the storytelling, and they hit a bit of a snarl-up. It becomes complicated this year.”

Reflecting on the couple’s popularity, he said, “People are always worried the writers are going to break them up. On paper, Cristina and Owen don’t make sense, and yet they do make sense and I couldn’t imagine Cristina and Owen with anyone else.”



Emma said...

OK, I must admit I'm losing interest in Cristina and Owen. The way they are being written starts getting on my nerves. There is one thing though I had to let you know, I'm a great fan of ... Edward Hopper's, so if you keep on posting pictures of his wonderful paintings, I'm afraid I'll have to go on reading your posts about C/O! ;-)

Admin said...

Then more Hopper it shall be! ;D

Emma said...


Anonymous said...

I agree that being a fan of Owen and Cristina is frustrating the way the writers approach them sometimes, as well as the millions of hiatuses we are getting this season.

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