Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby Love

As always, Kevin McKidd brings the Grey's scoop. In this recent interview with PopstopTV he talks about Cristina, Owen and babies:

Sorry to disappoint ‘Grey’s fans but Cristina and Owen may not be quick to jump on the baby fever bandwagon! Expect the outcome to be “fiery”.

“I think that’s gonna be the big boom contangenment [sic!] between them for a while. I think it’s gonna be interesting to outcome to that. I think Owen pretty much would like to have children. I think it gets a little tricky. The thing is, they did rush into this marriage for all the right reasons but they maybe didn’t check in with each other about certain fundamental things about how their life is going to be. Now they’re having to go, ‘Whoah, wait a minute. You believe that? I believe this.’”

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