Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: Episode 7.11 - Promo

Cristina Yang is back?

Source: COforever1

You'll have to wait until January to find out because Grey's Anatomy is taking a break for a while.


caseyscooby1985 said...

I can't wait until January 2011. It looks like Cristina is coming back. I hope that everything will still be going good for both Owen and Cristina in their marriage. Plus, I hope that she and Meredith will be good friends again.

Anonymous said...

i love this new episode ... !!! she's back ... <3<3<3 can't wait for it ! more cristina and owen scenes please..

Anonymous said...

Great promo! Looks intense. And Cristina is coming back with a bang! Can´t believe that we have to wait til January. This is gonna be a loooooooooong hiatus. Wanna see the episode now!!!!!!

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