Thursday, December 16, 2010

Going Down The Rabbit Hole

Another new interview with Sandra Oh who talks about her character in Rabbit Hole:

One actress who is particularly happy with the screenplay is Emmy Award winner Sandra Oh, who plays Gabby, a pivotal member of the support group who is only mentioned in the play. "I really love her a lot. I think Gabby's a great counterpoint to seeing the beginning of loss and then the continuation of loss," she says.

"My personal feeling is that loss doesn't go away, it just is. After the loss of anything -- it can be your goldfish or your child or your job -- somehow people are supposed to get over it. And I just don't agree with that. I feel what I was trying to do with Gabby is that even though she's further down the line in her process, and, as Howie sees her, she represents where you can go, you see she still needs this group."


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Sandra hasn't won an emmy...I think they mean golden globe

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