Friday, November 5, 2010

Grey's Writers: Austin Guzman on 7.07 "That's Me Trying"

From the writers of Grey's on last night's episode:

Which brings us to Meredith and Cristina. There are sooooo many questions rolling around in the Cristina/Meredith story this week. Why is Cristina really being so cold to Meredith? Just because of a little thing that Mer said during Seattle Med? Seems extreme. Can Cristina actually keep Roy alive long enough to get his new lungs? Can Cristina ever again be the surgeon she once was?

And you saw the episode, so you know how that all shook out. Rightly or wrongly, Cristina blames Meredith for her trauma. Yes, Cristina can keep Roy alive long enough to get his new lungs and she CAN be a first-rate doctor, even though she realizes that this just isn’t working for her anymore. It’s too hard, the joy is gone, and even when she succeeds, all she can feel is fear. Cristina Yang can still be a can be a surgeon. She simply no longer wants to be one.

Really, though, the most interesting question as far as I’m concerned is one that’s raised toward the end of the episode:

Meredith went through just as much trauma as anyone during the shooting, if not more. So why is Meredith fine?

That’s a question that is just going to have to wait for an answer. I’m just a baby writer. It’s going to take someone with a whole lot more juice than me to crack that nut.
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