Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Storyline Coming Up For Cristina And Owen

It has been a busy season for Cristina Yang this far, and it looks like that will continue. EW has some spoilers/teaser on Cristina and Owen in the second half of the season:

Any idea which episode or around when Cristina will be restored to her original self on Grey’s Anatomy?

If you’re holding your breath, I advise you to stop.
For explanation, we turn to Kevin McKidd: “They are building toward a big Christina and Owen story in the second half of the season, which will be a different story, but they are still figuring that out. But things never run smooth for Christina and Owen, lets put it that way.”
Bonus: You know all the disaster training Owen has been pushing on the gang? Well, it comes in handy in episode 11, which is a “very intense and quite dark but very uplifting episode,” McKidd reveals.



Anonymous said...

should we be worried??? I hope they don't screw with the marriage and have them on the brink of breaking up, cheating or any of that. Cris' behavior yesterday dancing on the guy was not right but she's in a dark place right now and Owen gets it.

Emma said...

That's a good question, Anonymous! I actually realize that being a Cristina fan has kept me worried for years now! "The excitement never ends" indeed. Whatever they're planning though, even if things won't be running smoothly, I'm sure SO and KMK will manage to keep us worried and ... hooked.

Owen_Cristinaforever said...

Yeah I'm a little scared about this! I hope whatever it is Owen and Cristina get through it cause they are the most amazing couple! I am sure they will though they have been through so much to break them up would be so stupid of Shonda and not to mention her hardcore Owenstina fans being sooo mad!! So hopefully whatever it is they will be ok! I do miss the old hardcore surgery Cristina and I miss seeing her and Mer together and we need some more hot Owen and Cristina scenes!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm happy for them and I love this storyline. I see all good things at the end of this.

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