Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ellen Pompeo: Season 7 To Be Remarkable Because Of Sandra Oh

Ellen Pompeo has being promoting a new charity campaign about diper need called Every little bottom and while doing so she's also been answering questions about Grey's Anatomy.

This morning she paid a visit to a morning talk show in Canada where she said all kinds of nice things about Sandra, so check out the transcribed interview below:

sandra oh and ellen pompeo
Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh

Q: Any sneak peeks into any plot lines this season?

Ellen Pompeo
: Well, I've gotta say, the whole beginning of season 7, the basis of the story line runs around Sandra Oh's character Cristina Yang, who is dealing with PTSD from the shooting.

And I can't say enough about Sandra as an actress. As a person she's wonderful too and fellow Canadian. But she's so dedicated to her craft and it means so much to her. She puts so much into her work. Her story line this season is so compelling, she's doing a fantastic job and she's one of the most compelling actresses on TV today. Certainly one of the most compelling actresses anywhere in my opinion. And the first half of this season is going to be remarkable because of her.

Very cool! We love those two.

You can also watch the interview here
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