Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ellen Pompeo Praises Sandra Oh Some More

Here is another interview with Ellen Pompeo where she talks highly about working with Sandra Oh after seven seasons of Grey's:

sandra oh and ellen pompeo

Pompeo said they're filming the eighth of 24 episodes for the current season. The first 12 are "absolutely dedicated to everybody getting on the mend" in the aftermath of the mass shooting, she said.

"They'll probably transition out the last 12 episodes, but it'll be a gradual thing, but they'll eventually have to move on after everyone's healed."

Pompeo also had high praise for Canadian co-star Sandra Oh, who portrays Cristina, Meredith's BFF.

The 40-year-old said she and Oh always say that the real love story of the series is between their characters. Off-screen, Pompeo said she and the Nepean, Ont.-born actress have become quite close.

"The other day we showed up on set wearing similar outfits and we just looked at each other and said: `Seven seasons,'" she recalled, smiling. "We've morphed into each other."

Pompeo called Oh one of the "most compelling actresses there is, period" and said she considers herself lucky to work with her.

"I think my work is more interesting because I'm reacting to her and she's so compelling and dedicated to what she does. She cares very deeply about her craft," she said.

"She's a huge part of why the show is so engaging and compelling and why people are so hooked, because she draws you in. So I can't say enough about her, and we owe a great deal of our success to her."



The Elizabeth said...

Wait, there are 12 episodes in the fall?!!! But last year there was only 10! Am I missing something?

I guess they decided to change it... hmm... oh well. 12 must mean they are good! ;-)

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