Monday, September 20, 2010

'Grey's Anatomy Is Far From Finished!'

This brand new interview with Sandra Oh and co-star James Pickens Jr was featured in this week's issue of the French magazine Ciné Télé Revue where they talked about Grey's Anatomy and their characters, so check out what Sandra had to say below:

How would you describe the progression of the character of Cristina since the debut of "Grey's Anatomy"?
Sandra Oh: What I like most, it was becoming more compassionate. It must be evidence of growing maturity. (Laughter.) It's rare to see a change so fundamental elements of the personality of people and I hope it will last, because we should not kid ourselves, she is still as competitive and ambitious on many levels!

What do you think of the decisions taken by your characters?
SO: Living in the skin of a character is part of your job as an actor. You give them a soul and their actions really affect you. So after having played this role for six years, I have become extremely territorial!

Compared to other series, the filming of Grey's Anatomy takes a long time. What impact does it have on your privacy?
SO: It is very complicated. I leave it to you, James.

James Pickens: I guess that's the nature of any medical series, and personally I do not mind too much. We do not look long hours for pleasure, there's a reason to work hard. So I like it or not ... I prefer to get involved and inject a substance that effort in the personality of Dr. Webber.

We often hear of good camaraderie on set. Honestly, is there not also negatives? 
J.P: There are no downsides, my dear. With the current economic climate, having a full time job for five years in this business is a miracle. We're certainly not going to complain!

SO: Good dramas are being disappearance, it is cheaper to produce reality TV show.

Have you ever been hospitalized since the beginning of the series?
SO: I got sick during my holidays in St. Tropez last year and I went to the emergency that took care of me quickly. I could not believe how everything seemed familiar: it was exactly as in the series! I was on morphine and my french seemed so good. (Laughter.) I felt like I followed everything the doctor said and to understand better the tests he passed me. Even if, ultimately, I'm still not sure what I suffered! (Laughter)

What did the staff when he saw you leave?
SO: I feel that playing in Grey's Anatomy assures a good treatment in hospitals, and this life! In fifteen years, there will always one who will remember and take good care me. (Laughter.)
How do you imagine the end of Grey's?SO: What do you mean by "end"? We are far from finished! (Laughter.)

JP: If one day it stops, I can assure you it will be drama.

Do you see yourself holding five years as "ER"?
SO: If the writers find a structure that allows a structure that allows to rotate the medical team as was done in "ER" with Noah Wyle year principal axis, there are ways that we pass the milestone of at least seven years.

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