Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grey's Anatomy: The Changing Of The Game

We can always rely on Sandra Oh's co-stars when it comes to Grey's scoop and here is what Jessica Capshaw had to say about the new season in an recent interview with Fancast:

The "event".
Does the new season pick up soon after those events, or have months and months passed?
It’s pretty soon after those events, and we’re dealing with what has just happened, putting the pieces back together again. Shonda so famously said it was a “game changer,” and it’s hard to live up to that, but it really was a game changer. Now you’ll see how the game has changed for all the different personalities. There were a lot of “Come to Jesus” moments that each character had in some way, and now we’ll look at what those declarations made in the moment will mean for the future – whether people live up to them, or don’t.
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