Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cristina, Owen And Teddy In An Award-Winning Love Triangle

Everyone hated the Cristina/Owen/Teddy love triangle on Grey's Anatomy so much this past season, it has now even won an award.

E! Online announced the winners for their annual Tater Top Awards where over half a million people voted. The Cristina/Owen/Teddy triangle won in the category Love Triangle You're So Over with almost one third of the votes:


Winner: Cristina/Owen/Teddy, Grey's Anatomy (30.0%)
Emma/Will/Terri, Glee (22.2%)
Stefan/Elena/Damon, The Vampire Diaries (21.1%)
Finn/Rachel/Jesse, Glee (13.8%)
Eric/Sookie/Bill, True Blood (13.0%) 


Angela said...

If only Sandra and Kevin would win an award for something positive!

Emma said...

I´m afraid the way their characters were written in season 6 (with the exception of a couple of beautiful moments) was really bad, and has seriously damaged their popularity among the season-5 fans. There have been moments last season when I also wondered whether watching the show was still worth my time. Winning an award because fans are sick and tired of a lame story line should make Shonda Rhimes & Co. consider changing their strategy. May be O/C will get a positive award after a wonderful, triangle-free season 7!

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