Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sandra Oh: 'Impossible To Get Bored On Grey's Anatomy'

Here is a new-old interview with Sandra Oh, originally published in October 2009 in the French magazine, Tele Star. Check it out below.


At the age of 38, Sandra Oh plays in one of the most famous American TV-shows of the world. Don’t tell her her character can get boring. She's doing everything she can to avoid it.

TELE STAR: In this new season your character is in a new and different relationship with Owen Hunt compared to her relationship with Preston Burke. What can you tell us about it?
Sandra Oh: The relationship she had with Burke was pretty interesting but after such a rough end she had to met someone unexpected so she can forget her former couple.

TELE STAR: And are you satisfied with it?
SO: I am. After all that she's been through, I wanted her to have a ray of sunshine in her life. Except that we're going to find out this man isn't a ray of sunshine. He rather looks like an alcoholic who knocks at her door and she really wants to let him in.

TELE STAR: This is a surprising behaviour. It's far from the Cristina we all know.
SO: that’s what makes the story gripping. Cristina will have to open up. She's going to grow up and she's going to be more mature. Actually I'm proud of who my character has become this season. Besides I love working with Kevin (McKidd who plays Owen Hunt).

TELE STAR: You've been playing Cristina for 6 years, how do you do not to get bored?
SO: I can't be bored! It may seem weird but I still take acting courses even during Grey's Anatomy. That's why I feel like I don’t get in a rut. Another technique: I try to work with the writers when it's possible.

TELE STAR: You shot an independent film last year. And you played opposite Woody Harrelson. Will you be playing in a movie soon?
SO: I’ve always tried to have projects on films but our planning on Grey's set is exhausting. Most of the time I can't work during the hiatus. I rather want to rest to get back on my feet.

According to Sandra, medical terms are not easy to learn.
SO: I am always impressed when one of my partners rehearse with words I can’t remember. Katherine (Heigl) amazes me. She reads her text once and she just remembers it perfectly .

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