Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 Minutes From The Grey's Anatomy Season Finale

ABC has released the first 10 minutes from the Grey's Anatomy season finale, which you can view below if you live in the US:

UPDATE: And if you live outside the US you can now watch it here


Cassandra said...

When I saw this, I thought to myself that "Oh My God!" I hope that Owen figures things out before it is too late.

Ellen said...

I totally think that the one guy who walks past Merideth and asks Karev where the Chief was is the shooter! He holds a grudge against the hospital because they basically killed his wife

julie said...

this is horrible! im dreading how many people are gonna get gunned down! its to much to take in!!! OH GOD!

mariam b.d Q8 said...

OH GOD !!!

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