Monday, April 19, 2010

Latest From Kristin's Spoiler Chat

If you want to be spoiled, check out the latest Grey's Anatomy spoilers from Kristin on E!:

Drew in New Orleans: Can you give us a hint as to who breaks up and who hooks up on Grey's Anatomy?

Well, for the split, I think it's pretty clear from Patrick Dempsey that it's not Meredith and Derek. And I have an exclusive interview with Kevin McKidd I'll be posting before the next new episode (next Thursday), and it should be pretty obvious as to whether it's Cristina and Owen. As for the hookup, I already revealed one of the parties is McSteamy, and let's just say that Lexie is going to have some serious issues with his new, stinky little ho—and you NBC fans will get the stinky reference! The good thing is that Lexie has such a problem with this, it's clear she still has deep feelings for Sloane, and I'd put a whole wad of money (like, literally, hundreds…of pennies!) on them getting back together at some point.

Meghan in New Jersey: I hope Grey's Anatomy keeps getting better as the season goes on. Will it?

Life's going to get a little less peachy for Chief Derek when he's forced to respond to a wrongful death suit against him. And taking a note from the Dunder Mifflin handbook, Seattle Grace is about to enroll in sensitivity training after making light of a 700-pound patient they must work on. Where's Michael Scott and a "that's what she said" when you need one?
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