Monday, April 5, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Finale Spoilers

Kristin from E! has some details on the Grey's Anatomy finale, so if you want to be spoiled check it out below:

If you agree that this season of Grey's Anatomy has been kicking some serious gluteus maximus despite a missing castmember or two, well, get ready, 'cause it's about to rip your heart out and feed it to you with a spoon.

And that, dear friends, is meant as the best of all compliments, 'cause we all know that Grey's serves up heartache like nobody else's business!

Sources tell me one of the power couples we know and love will soon be no more, and I have the exclusive scoop on that.

Reggie in Seattle: Anything good on Grey's Anatomy?

And how. I'm hearing from insiders that one of the longer-term, most-loved couples at Seattle Grace will soon be calling it quits, and the only good (sorta) news is this: It's gonna leave both of them pretty devastated, so personally, I'm pushing big time for them to get back together! The bad news, though, is it involves a very serious issue that it certainly seems like they cannot get past.

Meanwhile, there's also going to be a new fling in the hospital, involving one of the newcomers this season, and someone who's been around for a good long while.

Here's your first hint as to the breakup: It is not because either of them have met someone new. And the first clue to the hookup: It stinks! (And only you die-hard fans of a certain other show will get that reference.) Most importantly: I have it on good authority that the tail end of Grey's current season will be ├╝ber-good, so get ready, y'all. As boss Shonda Rhimes herself told us, the upcoming season finale is "a serious game changer for every single character." And she means it.

Let the speculation begin..


Cassandra said...

I believe that the break will fall between Callie and Arizona or Owen and Christina. I am hoping that that the break up is not Owen and Christina. I want them to stay together. They have come so far together and can still go the distance, like him asking her to marry him.

The hookup will be Jackson and Lexie. They just seem like they would be great together.

Shonda, please don’t breakup Owen and Christina, you should that they are meant to be together.

Angela said...

It's Cristina without an H...

Emily said...

Calzona....can't get over the "no kids" vs. "kids" issue...? Wishful thinking. Really hope we can end the season with some C/O happiness after such a disappointing season 6...

Renee said...

You seriously need to get a life... I mean I love Grey's Anatomy but really...

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