Friday, March 5, 2010

Pete Nowalk On 'Perfect Little Accident'

From the writers' blog on last night's episode:

So. Teddy. Poor girl came to Seattle for one reason. Owen. Even if she didn't admit this to herself. But then she got here and reality set in. Owen didn't invite Teddy here because he loved her. He brought her here because he loved Cristina. That's gotta suck. I'd probably be on the first plane back to Iraq. But not Teddy. She stuck to her word and stayed through her contract, even if that happened to be torture. And slowly, with time and hard work, she's seeing that there's more to Seattle than just Owen. There's a great job. Good people (like new BFF Arizona). And there's this amazing student – Cristina. What I love about these two is that they're like an old couple. They fight, make up, fight, make up...and it makes them both better doctors. Cristina's a maniac when it comes to surgery, stealing lungs and taking crazy risks in order to do something that will go down in the record books. Teddy's brilliant, but more careful and experienced. Together they're a force to be reckoned with. In this way, coming to Seattle for Owen and getting Cristina instead is Teddy's happy accident.

What was Cristina's happy accident in this episode? Well it could've been getting to operate on Harper Avery's bowel obstruction but homegirl screwed that up the minute she treated him like a batty old man in the ER. Like all of you, Cristina didn't know that Jackson's grandfather was Harper Avery (a family tree dreamed up by Shonda way back when we were planning out our new Mercy West characters). Jackson wanted to keep this little tidbit a secret. He's like Meredith that way. Both of them were born into surgical legacies, a twist of fate that makes them both very lucky.

"It never rains in LA." That's the lie people tell you when you move here. Just like the traffic's not that bad. Bull. Cause it does rain and there is A LOT of traffic. What really sucks, though, is when it rains and you're scheduled to shoot at a baseball field. Cause that means our amazing Exec Producer Rob Corn comes to you on set and very gingerly asks if there might be an alternative setting for your Girls Night scene. One that can take place inside, for instance. Everyone on the crew had ideas. Bowling, mani pedis, pool, game night, pottery night, cooking class, sex class...and pretty much every other activity any normal group of ladies would do for a night on the town. Our ladies aren't normal though, which is why it really had to be baseball. One, because this was a callback to episode 603, when Owen, Derek, and Mark took the girls there to get their mind off the merger. Two, because I don't believe Cristina and Meredith would ever agree to do anything the rest of the world would do. Spa day? Clubbing? They'd rather be operating. Fortunately, the rain soon ended and thanks to a very accommodating, adventurous crew we made it to the muddy baseball field a few days later. We got to see Bailey swing a bat, Arizona complain, and Teddy knock the hell out of the ball…without any accidents happening. I, for one, was happy with how it all turned out. You?


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lovecris said...

Oh poor Teddy. Again. When are the writers going to stop shoving her down my throat. They had Cris said she loved Teddy and it was ok to be friends with Teddy. Seriously? It's OOC of Cris to do that. Just so they can quickly integrate Teddy into the cast? It's too little too late, IMO. I cannot never forget all that Teddy had done since she was first introduced. She is still pathetic and she needs to come off that high horse.

After six seasons of watching GA, I'm ready to give it all up. The SL is downright ridiculous and the writers are still happily in denial that it works. This SL is the deal breaker for me. It has gone on for far too long. I cannot recognise CO anymore because the writers lurve Teddy so much that they fail to see the detriment they had done to CO.

I still love CO. I just refuse to subject myself to all these when the writers keep telling me I should love Teddy because Cris loves Teddy. Let me be the judge but no, they will not let it go. Episode after episode I'm subjected to them telling me how they love Teddy.

I'm out because enough is enough, to quote GA from 2.02.

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