Friday, February 19, 2010

Tales From The Olympics

US speed skater Rebekah Bradford talks about meeting Sandra in Vancouver:

Otherwise, Bradford's Olympic highlight has been meeting ... Sandra Oh?

Oh, of "Grey's Anatomy", is a Canadian. "She was eating lunch at the cafe, and I had my picture taken with her," Bradford said. "But never have a skeleton athlete take a picture. It was so blurry.

"Then the next day we had a welcome ceremony and she helped out with it, and I said, 'This is my chance to get another.' And who gets a chance to get a re-take with Sandra Oh? So I'm like, waiting patiently by the sign for her, and she's so genuine, she saw me waiting for her and came over and took three new pictures with me. It was really special."


And a blogpost from somebody who worked with Sandra in Vancouver during the Olympics welcome ceremony:

Sandra Oh was our host for the last two days and she was AMAZING! What I loved most about her was her level of energy. Every team got the same level of energy from Sandra. Every single one. She had two days where we welcomed 20+ teams each day. And she was amazing! Once it was all over, we all went to the Sin Bin, including Sandra and had dinner with her and a few of her friends. Not everyday I get to say “I had drinks with Sandra Oh” but there you go. I had drinks with Sandra Oh. She is awesome! So much fun. She’s already emailed me since she left to dish about the hot guys! I think it’s safe to say that Sandra and I are now friends. How cool is that?

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