Monday, February 1, 2010

Random Tweets Of The Day

Grey's Anatomy writer, Krista Vernoff, tweets:

kristavernoff: All of us. But Ceviche was brilliant Allan Heinberg. RT @colmmurphy18: Who comes up with all of Yangs crazy jokes like "seviche?"

kristavernoff: Really? Tomayto Tomahto. I freakin love it! RT @MarryMeOwen: @KristaVernoff So sorry but this Teddy/Owen/Cristina s/l just oozes WTF**kery

kristavernoff: More to come! RT @Nicole_Julian: @KristaVernoff Did Owen understand why Cr picked career over him?I know he loves her but did he understand?

kristavernoff: U will LOVE the next ep! RT @COforever: I had to take my dayoff sleep last Thurs I stayed up rewatching/discussing the "we matter" scene LOL


Maya said...

Ha ha the WTF**kery comment was mine. we went back and forth a bit on that topic. I dont think she liked my answer to HER question. Oh well :)

susan said...

Both Krista and Shonda tweeted us C/O fans will love this week's episode. Can't wait.

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