Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Matt Mitovich Spoils - December 22

 Latest Grey's Anatomy spoilers from Fancast:

I will trade you a hot kiss under the mistletoe for some good Cristina/Owen spoilers. Not vague spoilers, but good ones! 

Due to overwhelming demand, I presented Kevin McKidd with that rumor making rounds, about something explosive awaiting your couple when ‘Grey’s’ returns on January 14. He confirmed that “in the next couple episodes there are some pretty explosive things that happen. Almost straight out of the gate, big things happen.” I asked KMK if these “things” were of a personal or professional nature. He spilled, “It’s kind of both” before shutting down for fear of retribution from boss lady Shonda Rhimes. Now take note, Kevin was being vague, not me. Is the kiss still on the table?

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Maria Victoria said...

I can't keep waiting! Is it January already?

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