Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kristin Spoils - November 09, 2009

Latest spoilers from Kristin from E!:

Forget Owen and Cristina on Grey's Anatomy! Give us some scoop on Cristina and Jackson! Please?

Look at you with your contrarian point of view! If you are rooting for Cristina-Jackson, you'll be happy to hear from Jesse Williams that most of his scenes are with Sandra Oh and Chyler Leigh:

"It seems to be Cristina and also Lexie [that I spent most time with], just because our characters did spend that whole episode together last week. Right when we started, Jackson and Cristina did the opposite of hit it off; immediately they had confrontation with each other, but I do think there is an underlying mutual respect and wariness there that will carry on."

Sounds like a definite case of unresolved sexual tension...


Anonymous said...

This actor is blowing smoke and so is Kristin! She is the one that claimed last week that Cristina was going to cheat with that kiss! Instead it was a drunken come on from someone that "think she's hot"! Not much of anything. As soon as she came to her senses (taken off guard and a little drunk herself), she pushed him away and went to look for Owen! She realized right then her reckless behavior (like the patient) could cost her something dearly, Owen!

Lisa said...

Jesse Williams is a terrible actor and not much better interviewee! Wasn't last week, Cristina was suppose to cheat??? Nah, didn't think so! Exactly.

lila said...

cistina and owen forever !!!!!

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