Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grey's Gets New Cardio God

Here is an interview with Kim Raver about her new role on Grey's Anatomy as Cristina's new cardio god:

In Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, a new cardiothoracic doctor comes to the hospital, and she's unlike the previous cardio gods who've held that position. Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) has a past with Owen (Kevin McKidd), which will create future problems for Owen and Cristina (Sandra Oh). Raver tells us all about the new love triangle, how long she'll be sticking around and the possibility of returning to 24 to reunite with Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). Tell us about Dr. Teddy Altman.
Kim Raver: She's amazing at what she does. She's coming from Iraq. Her and Owen were over in Iraq together. I come in to Seattle Grace and there's something interesting that plays out with the three of us. Is Teddy a mean doctor or a nice one?
Raver: [Executive producer] Shonda Rhimes said she's kind of a bad ass, but she's different than the other cardio doctors that have been at Seattle Grace. She approaches things really, really differently. She's also not warm and cuddly, either. What's her relationship like with Owen?
Raver: All I can tell you is that they were in Iraq together and it will unfold as you see what their relationship is. That's the fun thing to tune in and check out. I can say there is some kind of triangle, but it's very different than what people are expecting. I think Shonda and her team have done an amazing job in the way they introduce my character. I was surprised and wondering how they were going to do this because I know people really care for Owen and Cristina, so it's very well done. Should fans be worried that Teddy will come between Cristina and Owen?
Raver: It's complicated. I think fans will be interested in how that whole relationship is dealt with. That's why I say Shonda is so clever in the way she's bringing Teddy into both of their lives. It's a fantastic triangle and it gets complicated and interesting. The love triangle actually has a fourth point in Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams). These hospital relationships are getting really jumbled.
Raver: But that's the excitement of coming in. Not knowing who is with whom, what's happening to whom. I'm not sure what their plans are for that. We definitely have scenes, but I'm not sure what their thoughts on where that is going to go. Owen hasn't been able to talk to Cristina about his time in Iraq. Will he open up more to Teddy since they have that bond?
Raver: We'll see. They have definitely spent time in Iraq together, so that's a common thread with them. How long will Teddy be sticking around?
Raver: The producers and I have talked about things, but we're just seeing how it goes. We'll see.

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