Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cristina Yang Brings The LOLs

The reviews for episode 6.03 of Grey's Anatomy are in. Lots of love for Cristina Yang and Sandra who made everyone laugh this week.

  • This week, Grey’s gets topical: As a result of the merger with Mercy West, many staffers will be fired, leaving everyone scrambling to show off their indispensable skills. Cristina, most amusingly, decides that in order to secure her job, she needs to join pediatrics, so she suffers through rounds with the perky Arizona and has to make nice with 9-year-olds. (Sandra Oh is so great; why isn’t she in more movies?) - New York Magazine
  • The "Grey's Anatomy" business still strikes me as the show commenting on the budget cuts hitting TV shows, especially in the way it ended up getting rid of a lot of minor characters. But I wonder how it will proceed from here; surely Mercy West has its own staff, which will be competing with the "Grey's" gang for prime slots, and won't that mean some budget-busting cast additions? I would hate to think that the show has decided that it's done enough, and the "Grey's" staff will dominate the merged hospitals, and the baseball game was the end of that storyline.

    As for the characters, swell work from Sandra Oh, who is so especially good when she's being bad, while Izzie is back to being both foolish and irritating. Can't imagine a real-world Derek letting her stay in surgery, either. - The Helden Files
  • The Good: There were some great comedic moments this week, which is a nice change of pace after last week's two-hour sob-fest. Taking Christina out of her comfort zone always brings the laughs, but partnering her up with bubbly pediatric surgeon Arizona Roberts this week was genius. Christina Yang with a pink teddy bear pinned to her scrubs was hilarious, and I cracked up when she bitterly stole the last chocolate pudding from her 9-year-old patient. - LA Times

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haha she was hilarious in this episode!! :D

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