Wednesday, June 3, 2009

McKidd Talks Oh And Yang

Co-star Kevin McKidd talks Sandra and the relationship between their characters on Grey's Anatomy :

These days though McKidd is enjoying his role as Dr. Owen Hunt in Grey's Anatomy, especially because he is romantically involved with Cristina Yang (played by Sandra Oh).

"It's really fun being the new kid on the block, and so far everyone has been really nice to me. They didn't have to be, so I'm grateful for that. I expected it to be different" he laughs.

"As soon as I heard I'd be working with Sandra Oh, that was the main pull to come to Grey's Anatomy," he says.


Now in season five, his relationship with Yang is a little troubled and his personality is somewhat of a mystery. "I don't think their relationship is going to be easy. It gets explosive between them, but Owen has a lot of stuff going on right now." Hunt is dealing with his post traumatic stress disorder after his experience in the Iraq War. "It's a touchy subject and he doesn't want to drag her into his hellish world. He should try and a have a little more fun, but I think that will come back. I keep meeting people in the supermarkets who say, 'We miss the Owen Hunt from the premiere episode.' But I assure them that I think we'll get back to that guy."


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Owen and Christina is the best couple ever!!

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