Friday, May 15, 2009

'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Love Stories

EW's Jennifer Armstrong reviews the season finale of Grey's Anatomy which aired last night:

Tonight may have marked the most emotionally loaded episode of Grey's Anatomy ever, for a zillion reasons. It has been a tough year — quite frankly, an uneven year, even for diehard fans. Guest stars have flitted in and out, more unreliable than a 23-year-old boyfriend. Ghosts have shown up, more reliable than a call from Mom on Sunday night. But most importantly, at least for this episode, rumors have flown about everything from who might be staying together (Cristina and Owen?) to who might be leaving the show for good (George? Izzie?). We knew Bailey would leave her hubby; we guessed Mer and Der might finally tie the knot. In the end, this two-hour finale didn't quite answer every question — um, actually it left a few really, really dangling, in a way that flustered me almost as much as Lost's cliffhanger last night. (Anyone else suffering a massive pop cultural hangover right now? Or was that just the glass of red wine that was medically necessary to get me through all of this?)

Friday Night Lights' own Matt Saracen (i.e. Zach Gilford) — who melts me wherever he shows up — managed to inadvertently fluster Seattle Grace's It-Emo Couple of the moment as a soldier who couldn't move his leg without massive pain. Not that it's hard to fluster them. He really didn't have to go to nerve-damage lengths. Regardless, he wanted Callie to cut his leg off so he could get a prosthetic and return to battle — and that prompted Owen to think he, too, should return to Iraq, as he felt his work wasn't done there. ''I could use your support,'' he said when he told Cristina. ''You don't have it,'' she snapped.

Later, she explained, slightly more lovingly, ''I don't want you to die.'' And that's when he turned around, asking her to come with him to resolve his unfinished business...with his mom, whom he hadn't even told he was back from Iraq. (And she was played by the lovely Debra Mooney of Everwood. Because apparently it was all-stars-of-my-favorite-shows-ever night on Grey's Anatomy. Yeah, there were more. Lots more.) After the visit, he reported to Cristina that he'd slept without nightmares…and good lord, even their quick kisses in the hospital hallway are hot. More wine please.

Naturally they ended up back in that steamer/propeller room that is their special place, where Sandra Oh gave the best line reading ever for ''I love you.'' The best I can approximate it in print is ''I …love…you…?'' But that's not even close. You watched it. You know what I'm talking about. ''I said I love you,'' she continued incredulously. Me, Cristina Yang.… It's like you come here, and you pull out my icicle, and you make me love you. I don't want…it's like I can't breathe without you.'' You said it, sister. His answer: ''All you have to do is say yes.'' We'll get to her answer in a bit.


When Meredith told Cristina she and Derek were getting married the next day, they refused to get too sappy, but they did have a sweet exchange in which Cristina gave her some Post-Its and a pen that all somehow represented the ''old, new, borrowed, blue'' adage. Later, Cristina wondered aloud if maybe things were a little too hectic — what with the cancer and the patients and the rest of the stuff we'll get to in a minute — to sneak off for a wedding. ''It doesn't seem like the day for it,'' she said. But Meredith still refused to wait another second to show Derek how much he meant to her. Or to show her best friend how much she meant to her. ''I love you, Cristina Yang.'' Cristina quipped, ''You have changed.'' But then Cristina initiated the hug, showing Meredith wasn't the only one.


Once Izzie seemed to be remembering things again, Cristina remembered what Owen had said to her in the propeller room place, and she ran off to find him and say ''yes.'

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