Sunday, March 1, 2009

TV Characters In Need Of A New Show

Sometimes, bad shows happen to good TV characters. Alas, the world is imperfect. Maybe it's time to liberate some of those worthy folks from mediocrity, and set them up in new series? Here are a few TV rescue missions, on the eve of March sweeps.

Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh)

It's time to spring Cristina - and the tabloid-free Oh - from this fading star of a show, which is now in a codependent cross-promotional relationship with "Private Practice." Of all the central players on "Grey's," Cristina is the only one I can still wholeheartedly root for. She's all business, and a bit of a bully; but in this group of doctors with no boundaries, that's refreshing. Let's send Cristina, with love interest Owen (Kevin McKidd), to an East Coast hospital where they can work on more fascinating medical cases. The show? "Yang, Seriously."


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Anonymous said...

im all for it maybe burke could work at the hospital too !!!!! interesting huh????

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